Legend of Korra: Book 3, Episode 12, “Enter the Void.”

Fresh thoughts…

By the end of this episode, I was still unsure if Tenzin was going to live or not. Oof.

It was pretty great to see that the Red Lotus was composed of more than just our four villains, and likewise, it makes you wonder, how many more are there out there? Do they all necessarily abide by the same chaotic anarchy that Zaheer professed?

P’Li, talk about losing one’s head. Owch! I thought it was great to see Suyin in armor, and I had no inclination that her breast plate would end up being used so creatively. I also appreciated the character development that we received and I immediately wondered, “Warlord? WHAT WARLORD?” Did I miss hear that in the line where she says that Zaheer rescued her from a warlord who wanted to use her as a personal weapon?

When Tonraq was blown off the cliff, I thought, “Oh, there’s our death!” But no, it was merely a tease, not that I wanted him dead, but I had definitely assumed we were going to lose someone in our season finale episodes. Tonraq remains the champion of slow-mo action scenes, none the less.

BOLIN. Hurray! Someone had theorized that Bolin would pick up Lava Bending instead of metal bending, so kudos to you! Again, I was entirely ready to bite on Bolin disappearing in a wall of lava, albeit surprised, but it was done nicely.

Zaheer, entering the void. Well good for him. Should we have assumed then that P’Li was his last earthly attachment?

Ending the Avatar Cycle. I was a little disappointed that we jeopardized the existence of the Avatar, as in the role/abilities, again as in Book 2, though in different circumstances. It also makes sense, as well, as the baddie in Book 2 was a renegade member of the Red Lotus. Similar aims, but ultimately disagreement on how to get there. IRONY? IT WAS A WORLD LEADER WHO WAS A MEMBER OF THE RED LOTUS. Chew on that.

A lot of this episode had beautiful scenes, be it the mountains as the airship crossed them to the scene that Katemonkey mentioned, Korra strung up in chains in front of the Red Lotus symbol. Incredible.

Who knew Ming-hua liked playing with puppets? I was also surprised by this duplicity, but it reinforced that our bad guys are….bad. They throw poor Aiwei into the Valley of Lost Souls and they totally lie about honest dealing. I figured they wanted to reassert this point at the end so we would be on board for their defeat.

It was painfully obvious they were holding out the metal bender Guvira/Kuvira (I couldn’t quite grasp it either), as if they were holding a sign up, “This character will matter in the future!” She was also, now that I realize it, the one from the newspaper article that Lin was reading earlier in the season. Another thing, could she be another daughter of Suyin’s? Why the protectiveness?

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