Legend of Korra: Book 3, Episode 5, “The Metal Clan.”

Zhao Fu, wow! It struck me in several ways. First, it reminded me of the type of futuristic cities you would see in the old serials from the 30’s and 40’s. Second, it was replete with art deco-like designs, very cool! Third, it also made me think of, and I hate to say it, John Galt’s secret community from Atlas Shrugged, a place where genius is unrestrained (granted not for the same grounds). It was beautiful and inspired. I think you’re right, Small Dollar, there is definitely something less than wonderful going on in Zhao Fu.

This episode focused a lot on the Beifong Clan. Lin obviously has very strong feelings about her sister, strong enough to make it so she hasn’t spoken to her in roughly thirty years. I doubt it has to do with “she stole X from me, and it broke my heart” as we know Pema did that. I’m very curious to understand what happened? Did Toph express a preference for her newly introduced sister, Suyin, despite Lin having followed her mother into her footsteps completely (whereas, Suyin did the exact opposite). Oh, Toph! Who can’t wait to see an old woman Toph? She’s got to be grizzled and a little crazy. Seeking spiritual enlightenment, though, that is definitely evidence that Toph has matured from the young woman we knew from ATLA. I could never see that earth bender caring as much about spirituality.

The Metal Dancing was beautiful and so much of Zhao Fu was elegant, down to the giant metal petals closing up over the cities and the star-like lights set into them above.

Of course, we have Varrick! I was hoping we’d see more of him and his entry definitely opens the door to speculation about Suyin’s gullibility or less than honest intentions with what she has helped create in the Metal bending society. Magnets, people, that’s going to be important later. The fact that Suyin questioned the purpose of having a monarch throws more weight that the Earth Queen may be deposed later down the road, and now I wonder if the Metal Clan might attempt some kind of coup, built in part, on Varrick’s devious inventions.

Opal. I’m not really sold on her yet, as at first, she seemed kind of bland. The more time we spend with her, the more I’m convinced she’s much more than a pleasant face. Regardless, she’s probably much better suited for Bolin than his last lady love.

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