Legend of Korra: Book 3, Episode 7, “Original Airbenders.”

I kind of share Tenzin’s fear of screwing things up and all the air benders throwing their hands up in the air and going home. The fact that this episode ending the way it did, helping to cement the sense of oneness amongst the air benders, left me feeling so much happier (just like Tenzin!). I can only imagine what Tenzin’s kids felt as they underwent their father’s training, and perhaps his style, while not any where less tedious, does work better when your students ARE your children. And count me as another one who guffawed when Otaku was called on, heh. I appreciated Bumi’s mini-arc from giving up – really, Bumi? – to having Tenzin tell him how he reflected Aang/his father’s so much, be it his closeness to the spirit world and what not. I kinda wish there was some kind of mini-series, “The Completely True and Accurate Adventures of Commander Bumi” in which we could go back and see Bumi in his prime in the military, saving the mission one wooden spoon, sack of molasses, and an irritated vulture wasp at a time.

Kai has all the makings of a pretty kick butt air bender, obviously being quite a bit more advanced than many of his fellow air benders. I’m already seeing power air couple in the future for him and Jinora…which is still going down pretty smoothly with me, rather than existing as an irritation. And yet, how can one be irritated by baby air bison?! It’s impossible, just like it’s impossible to kill one and wear it’s hide as a cloak. GOOD LORD THAT IS DARK FOLLOWED BY MORE DARKNESS ABOUT BOSCO!

I appreciate that the news on Bosco was offered as a rumor, and as such, I will consider it a rumor. Not to mention, Bosco would have been quite old for a bear and there would be no appeal in eating the meat of such an old animal, and the Earth Queen definitely has SOME standards…which includes eating baby air bison. My goodness, Firelord Ozai wanted to burn the world and start a new, and Amon wanted to remove the bending powers from everyone, and Unalaq wanted to usher in 10,000 years of darkness and chaos, but none of them killed and ate baby air bison! Ugh! Yes, I think the Earth Queen may be at the top of the list of all time Avatar Bad Guys if only for this matter.



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