Legend of Korra: Book 3, Episode 8, “The Terror Within.”

The water bending creativity has risen to a new level with Ming-Hua, which I reckon, when your arms and hands are water, you start thinking in all sorts of new directions. Is it too soon to claim that she’s the most powerful water bender alive at the moment? (Could old Katara kick her butt?)

I agree that Ai Wei immediately began to crystallize as our traitor, particularly during the interrogations of the guards. I always thought his nose ring and chain to earring combo was suspicious. It might just be me, but I feel like that little vase has something to do with the origin of the Red Lotus, as in, it came from a location where it all started. Or, it could just exist as a simple device to allow Ai Wei to help notice that Team Avatar was on to him. I just thought its design was a bit more complicated than something so simply cast aside as a minor plot device. I could be crazy!

My new favorite conspiracy is that Opal was converted to the Red Lotus cause by Ai Wei. This will be revealed when Korra makes her way to the Northern Air Temple. I base this entirely on her mostly plain expressionless behavior for 80% of the time we see her. She’s too sweet and nice not to have something hidden and not remain a main character.

I loved Pabu’s brief role in the spotting of the Red Lotus approaching Korra’s house.

I was surprised that the darts were so effective against Korra, too. I half expected the Avatar state to kick on in some form of anti-poison reaction and half the guest house to explode as Avatar State Korra counter attacked. The decision to remove her from the fight was especially an interesting one and I thought it was a good one. I loved Bolin’s admiration at the lava bending and now want to see Zaheer fight Tenzin in an air bender duel. The manner in which Suyin perforated Zaheer’s glider was great, another instance of the creativity (there’s that word again) that the animators/directors bring to the show.

Holy Bending P’Li! (I think that covers it)

I want to send the other member of the Track Team, Benjamin Wynn (I think?) a thank you note for putting a clink/clank in the metal armor that the Zhaofu guards was wearing when he stepped into the room to report on the update for the search for Ai Wei. Jeremy Zuckerman’s scoring for Book 3 continues to rock. I’m really enjoying the Red Lotus battle theme.

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