Adventure Time: Season 6: The Cooler

In this episode, PB didn’t have the luxury of simply typing in a name, but had to manually destroy the surveillance feed in a way, reminiscent of the end of the Dark Knight. It’s probably safe to say that PB is a tyrant for the purposes of security of her kingdom (and also her reign), and what amounts to a preemptive strike on the Fire Kingdom is definitely a new low to the steps she’s willing to take to guard that security, cooling down the magma that is the literal source of life for the denizens of the Fire Kingdom.

The lack of heat, we later learn courtesy of an Ice King at play in the lava fields beneath the kingdom, drains the life source for the people of the kingdom, reducing them in size if not extinguishing them completely. We have a horrifying scene where two fire kingdom sprites are fretting about an impending doom and one is accidentally consumed by the other. Yep, PB is officially responsible for some deaths! The purpose for it all is the weakening of the Fire Kingdom’s primary defensive/offensive weapons, giant mechanical fire robots kept secretly within a chamber accessible only by the royal family. Yet, this raises a question, how did PB know about these robots? Was Cinnamon Bun allowed in at some point?

Alas, poor Cinnamon Bun, who somehow failed to notice when someone jammed a giant video camera into his head, and only eventually, itched out its existence. What operatives of the Candy Kingdom accomplished this? Was is just PB in a ninja secret agent role? None the less, the camera revealed everything, including the Fire Princess’ family member’s suggestion they invade the Candy Kingdom for the caloric burn. Which loops around to Princess Bubblegum’s original rationale for cooling down the kingdom, to protect her realm. But, her very actions here made the invasion a far more attractive prospect. Quite the gamble, PB!

Trust between princesses is a key element, but incidentally, the Fire Princess has already had one super major violation of her trust in our time with her, the time when Finn tricked her into fighting the Ice King. The fact that she coolly handles PB’s betrayal of her confidence (as coolly as a fire princess might) is a surprising detail, which either means the writers chose not to burden her with much in the trust issues department or Fire Princess is simply more mature and capable of recognizing the motives behind PB’s behavior. You could actually say that the individual who matured at the end of this episode was PB, when she decided she would stop spying on everyone and put more faith in trusting them, and herself. One doesn’t stop surveillance unless one believes they can act without requiring it as a crutch. Alas, what is a vigilante against evil with a minivan to do now?

It wasn’t the best Adventure Time episode, but I enjoyed it.

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