Star Wars: Rebels – Always Two There Are

“Always Two There Are” literally doubles down on the promise at the end of “Relics of the Old Republic,” expanding upon the members of the order overseen by the Grand Inquisitor, the fellow who Kanan bumped off in the last season of Rebels, by one with the introduction of the Seventh Sister.  The Seventh Sister joins the Fifth Brother, previously introduced, and the result is an episode more about laying down the tracks for future episodes than effectively raising the stakes in this one.

At the start of the episode, the nascent Rebel Alliance is in need of medical supplies and the decision is made to visit a Clone Wars era medical space station in search of more.  Via the Phantom, Zeb, Sabine, Ezra and Chopper, arrive to find the station seemingly abandoned and with Chopper’s help, turn the old station’s systems back online.  Unfortunately for our heroes, the activation also comes to the Empire’s attention, including the Fifth Brother.

Back on the station, the group splits up to explore the darkened and rubble filled hallways, showing off Lucasfilm’s continuing advances in light and shadow with flashlight beams casting back and forth across surfaces.  Chopper wins the drawing for the prize of discovering the bad guys first, encountering something akin to a miniature Imperial probe droid, referred to as seeker droids in the episode’s production notes.  The droid effectively takes down Chopper, but not before the feisty astromech gets a warning off to the other rebels.  Before anyone else can do much about it, Sabine and Ezra run right into the Seventh Sister.

Her face hidden behind a mask and accompanied by a small swarm of seeker droids, acting upon her bidding, the Seventh Sister is suitably threatening.  Ezra immediately ignites his lightsaber, but is quickly overmatched and captured by the inquisitor.  Unknown and unexpected, Sabine and Zeb then fall victim to the Fifth Brother who had finally arrived and made his presence known.  Zeb is left for dead and Sabine tossed into the bound company of Ezra.  While Zeb tries to figure out what to do, Ezra finds himself caught between the two inquisitors, the Fifth Brother who wants to kill him and Sabine, and the Seventh Sister, who wants to interrogate him for details of one specific Jedi, Anakin’s Padewan.

At the end of “The Siege of Lothal,” we were treated to Vader informing the Emperor of the presence of Ahsoka Tano and the need to find her.  Now we learn that the fearsome order of the Inquisitors apparently has marching orders to find one of the last surviving Jedi.  Zeb, in the meanwhile, has put his brain to work.

The episode had opened with some commentary about Zeb choosing force over strategy and now, our proto-Chewbacca so to speak, gets the opportunity to use his thinking organ.  The strategy boils down to misleading the Inquisitors into thinking that an Imperial shuttle would appear at one of the landing bays to pick them up.  In truth, the not so ingenious plan involved him parking the Phantom on the ceiling of the cavernous landing bay and then dropping down to surprise the two inquisitors with their prisoners.  The prisoners escape and return to the Rebel fleet with news of their close call and of the existence of the Inquisitors, surprising everyone.

“Always Two There Are,” is actually a terrible title for the episode.  The so-called Rule of Two was introduced in the Prequel Trilogies to explain that in the world of the Sith, there are only ever two, a master and an apprentice.  Yoda actually says, “Always two there are….” So the title is a direct quote from our favorite green Jedi Master.  Yet, in this context, it applies to the appearance of the two Inquisitors – who by their very titles infers there’s at least four to five other Inquisitors, not to mention, we already know that the Emperor and Darth Vader are also running around.  We can definitely infer the Inquisitors are not Sith, but a more suitable title probably could have been found.

As episodes go, “Always Two There Are,” was fine.  The stakes of Ezra’s capture at first seemed quite high, but the almost amateurish rescue plan undermined the terror level that the two Inquisitors should have induced not just in our heroes, but in we, the viewers.  Darth Vader is an excellent villain exactly because he’s frightening in his size, appearance, and power.  This was conveyed perfectly in “The Siege of Lothal.”  Unfortunately, in this episode, the show seemed willing to sacrifice this element on the altar of allowing Zeb to rescue his friends.  Perhaps a better plan might have cured this problem, or teaming Zeb and Sabine up to rescue just Ezra.  Ultimately, the beginning of the introduction of the Seventh Sister went fine, but the conclusion of that introduction soured the other.

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