A Marvel Star Wars Nod to Mobile Suit Gundam

Today’s release of Marvel’s Star Wars comic, issue 16 of an ongoing series, initiated a new storyline in the wake of the major crossover “Vader Down” storyline.  As part of the new story arc, a captured Dr. Aphra is taken to a Rebel Alliance prison, where, at almost the same time, unknown forces lead by a mysterious masked individual break into the prison.  Here’s an image of that jail breaker(in):

For those familiar with the mega-franchise launched by the Japanese tv show, Mobile Suit Gundam, the helmet design looks a little familiar.

Above is the mobile suit of Char Aznable, a major antagonist in the show.  It may be coincidence, or even a salute to Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, but it’s hard not to see perhaps a bit of a nod to a show which hit the airwaves just a couple years after Star Wars hit the silver screen.

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