Chewbacca’s  Past in the Han Solo Film

On March 8th, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Chewbacca would appear in the Han Solo anthology film currently being written by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan.  Additionally, that the movie would serve as an origin story for both characters, presumably presenting on screen for the first time the story of how a life debt came into existence between Chewbacca and Han.  As many fans know, this involved Han rescuing Chewie from slavery, though the specifics of the when, how, and why, are not part of the current Expanded Universe.  This not to say we don’t have a small glimpse of Chewbacca’s past courtesy of the recent Marvel Comics limited series on our favorite Wookie.

A brief synopsis of the series involves Chewbacca crash landing on a planet and running into a young teenage girl, Zarro, who’s friends and family have been forced into becoming slaves in a mine to repay debts to the wicked antagonist.  Zarro knows nothing about Chewie’s past and angrily asks the wookie if he knows what it means to be a slave.  This convinces Chewbacca to help her and in a plan to infiltrate the mines where Zarro’s father and friends are located, Chewbacca is forced to squeeze himself into a narrow air vent.  This leads to a flashback to his past and our foreshadowing of what Chewbacca’s enslaved life might look like in the Han Solo film to come.

From this one page flashback, we learn that Chewbacca, along with other Wookies, were captured by the reptilian-like Trandoshans, the same species as Bossk, the lizard-like bounty hunter in the yellow jumpsuit in The Empire Strikes Back.  Will the film hold true to this telling? We will just have to wait and see.

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