The Fates of Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger (updated)

The Rebel’s Season Two finale is now less than a week away and the closer we get to it, the more worrisome we should be growing concerning the fates of Ezra Bridger and Ahsoka Tano.  Not long ago, we already discussed in detail both these characters because as the season draws down, they both appear to have the highest stakes at risk going into the finale.  Since then, a little more information has been released in the form of a post by Ahsoka Tano creator, Dave Filoni, and the penultimate Season Two episode, “The Mystery of Chopper Base.”

First, let’s address Ahsoka.  We know already that Darth Vader and his former padawan will face off against each other in “Twilight of the Apprentice,” and we discussed the likelihood of Tano’s survival from this encounter.  Not a lot has changed except Filoni’s decision to release the artwork below:

Beyond the adorableness of baby Ahsoka and the well crafted determination on the face of adult Ahsoka, the artwork definitely represents Filoni’s contemplation of the life of his creation.  He accompanied the piece with simply, “They sure grow up fast.”  What can we take from this? There’s the idea that Filoni see’s Ahsoka’s confrontation of Vader, or as she knew him, Anakin Skywalker, as the final step of becoming an adult.  Luke Skywalker’s own completion of his Jedi training, as advised by Yoda, was to confront his father.  The relationship between Jedi and padawan is not necessarily the same as father-child, but it’s very similar.  The grimmer view is that Filoni created the piece as a memorial to his character, and usually when one refers to a child and growing up, it’s because the child is moving on as an adult and off on their own.  In this case, for a character to really move on from its creator, arguably the character must die.   As a result, if Ahsoka Tano is to fall to the lightsaber of Darth Vader at midnight, we may, against our own hopes, have to move that minute hand to something akin to 11:55 pm.

In slightly less grim news, more clues appeared in “The Mystery of Chopper Base,” which may foreshadow a greater chance of Ezra Bridger falling to the Dark Side, not less because the musical audio cue at the end of the episode with Ezra on the screen was “Call of Darkness.”  That sad, but ominous cue may simply refer to the call of Malachor as Ezra’s next destination, but it could portend to much more.  Not to rehash too much of what we discussed in that episode review/recap, there were a few scenes which have built upon Ezra’s on going problems. First, we have added fuel to Ezra’s drive for increasing power.  He spars Kanan to a draw, which is incredible when you think about it, but it’s simply not enough for this Jedi padawan.  He wants to best his master.   Second, he’s still focused on the end goal of using that power to kill the Inquisitors, ignoring Yoda’s advice concerning the ‘how’ is more important than the ‘result.’ Kanan, for his part, tells Ezra, survival is what amounts to victory.

Third, he’s dangerously overconfident of his abilities and confounded when he’s not powerful enough to do what he wants.  This is seen when he first tries to reach out to a spider creature with the Force.  Fourth, he’s been having increasing problems with his anger, snapping at Sabine when she commented she thought he was getting better.  Ezra’s response was to growl that Sabine must be implying that he wasn’t good before (seriously, Ezra?).  He also snaps at Kanan after his failure with the spider creature.  His small arguments with Kanan are starting to resemble the small arguments that occurred between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Finally, in the sparring scene which opened the episode, Kanan attacks Ezra who has turned away to talk to Sabine and Hera.  Kanan’s lesson, “Never turn your back on your enemy.”  Ezra, who acknowledges the lesson, also responds, “Okay, but since when are you my enemy?”  This comes across as clear foreshadowing of a potential confrontation between Kanan and Ezra. The Dark Side corrupts and seduces with power, would it be that surprising that Ezra’s pursuit of power leads to him choosing the Dark Side and the corruption of the friendship between him and his master?

Rarely do we have the benefit of enjoying a television show and loving its characters so much that our concern for them overrides the excitement of a season finale with feelings of dread.  We will not be tuning in next week necessarily to cheer for the victory of our heroes, but instead, we will watch hoping to see that our prayers concerning their safety are answered and they emerged unharmed, unscathed, regardless if it’s in victory or defeat.  Rebels Season Two may end up our Empire, bittersweet with ruminations that heroes do not always win the day.


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