Familiar Faces and a Hint on the Future of an Aftermath Character

Buoyed by the popularity that undoubtedly resurrected his character from death as originally scripted for The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron is the latest Star Wars character to be handed his own self-titled comic by Marvel.  Unlike Princess Leia, Chewbacca, or Lando Calrissian, Poe has the special honor of being gifted an on-going series, a first for The Force Awakens time period.  While we will review the debut issue on its own, we thought we’d quickly highlight a few familiar faces and a surprising hint at the future of a character that was introduced in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath.

First, let’s look at the familiar faces.  From the four part limited series Shattered Empire, we have L’ulo, a Duros alien who served along side Poe Dameron’s mother, Shara Bey, at the Battle of Endor and went on to become the A-wing squadron Green Leader for the Rebel Alliance.

 He joins Nien Nunb as one of the Endor veterans who continue the fight as now part of the Resistance.  It has to be pointed out, there was no sign of an A-wing in The Force Awakens, so bad things may be in store for our bald headed pilot.  It’s a nice touch to see him now as part of Poe Dameron’s Black Squadron.   Flying with him is also Jess Pava, one of the pilots who participated in the attack on Starkiller base, as well Oddy Muva.  Muva is an Abednedo, but not to be confused with Ello Asty, an alien of the same race who was killed in the final moments of that battle.

Finally, at least for the Black Squadron members who are returning, we have Snap Wexley. Unstated in The Force Awakens, but Snap is Wexley’s nickname.  His true name is Temmin Wexley, a gifted tinkerer and son of Norra Wexley (another veteran of the Battle of Endor, she flew a Y-wing).  Temmin, along with his mother, were introduced in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath that was released last September in the build up to The Force Awakens. Incidentally, the inaugural issue of Poe Dameron establishes that Snap was at the Battle of Jakku, an event that had not yet happened by the conclusion of Aftermath.  It is very near into the future, so we might expect our second accounting of the battle after Lost Stars by Claudia Gray in Wendig’s next installment of the Aftermath trilogy (comes out this summer).

One final familiar face, beyond General Leia’s, is that of Lor San Teka, the elderly gentleman whom Poe is meeting with at the beginning of The Force Awakens.  This dovetails into the end of the Poe short story in Before The Awakening, which concludes with Leia preparing to send Dameron on a mission to find the man who might know the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. As Poe Dameron continues, we will most certainly see more familiar faces as we explore the universe just before the events of The Force Awakens.  It should be quite the ride.

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