Your Rogue One Guide and FAQ for Friends and Family

In less than a month, Rogue One premieres on or about December 15th.  For big Star Wars fans, we know pretty much everything there is to know about the film’s background, main characters, and setting.  However, as most big fans of the franchise will most likely attest, they are surrounded by people who enjoy Star Wars but simply have not had the time or the nerdy desire to learn much if anything about what the first official Star Wars Story installment will consist of.   Now with tickets on sale, television ads and trailers abounding, they might be curious about Rogue One, and so, we now provide a simplified introduction to the movie for their interested pleasure!

Basic PlotRogue One is about rebels who steal the plans to the Death Star featured in A New Hope.  You know, the one Luke Skywalker blew up.

FAQ Follow Up: Wait, didn’t the Bothans do that?

FAQ Answer: No, don’t worry about the Bothans.  They’re referenced in Return of the Jedi.

Less Basic PlotRogue One is about Jyn Erso, who is recruited by the rebels to help steal the plans to the first Death Star because her father was involved in the construction of its super laser.

FAQ Follow Up: Who is Jyn Erso?  Have we heard about her before?

FAQ Answer: Jyn Erso is brand new! Her father is Galen Erso, who is featured in the James Luceno novel, Catalyst.

FAQ Follow Up: Wait, do I have to read a novel to understand or enjoy the movie?

FAQ Answer: Not at all, but Catalyst provides background to Rogue One’s Galen Erso and Director Orson Krennic.

FAQ Follow Up: Whoa, who is this Krennic person? And are you sure I don’t have to read Catalyst?

FAQ Answer: Krennic is the main villain of Rogue One and the guy in charge of building the Death Star for the Empire. Don’t worry about reading Catalyst, the most important details will be built into the movie.  After the movie, you might read it to flesh out those details.

FAQ Follow Up: Okay, I get it.  How does it tie into The Force Awakens? That movie I saw last year?

FAQ Answer: It has no connection to The Force Awakens.

FAQ Follow Up: Does it tie into any movie?

FAQ Answer: It ties into the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, which was released in 1977 and the events of Rogue One are mentioned in the opening crawl of that movie!

FAQ Follow Up: Is Rogue One part of a new trilogy?

FAQ Answer: Nope, it’s just a stand alone film.

Other Character Info: In addition to Jyn Erso, there are other rebels who join her in the plan to steal the Death Star plans.  Cassian Andor is the guy you’ve seen the most of in the commercials and trailer.  The rest of the team includes Bodhi Rook, Baze Malbus, and Chirrut Imwe, who will play significant roles.

FAQ Follow Up: Wait, wait, do I have to remember all these names? Do I need to know something about these characters going into the movie?

FAQ Answer: Nope!

FAQ Follow Up: You haven’t mentioned any Jedi.  Where are the Jedi?

FAQ Answer: Rogue One takes place after the Jedi Order was destroyed by the Empire and Darth Vader.  There are no Jedi in the movie.

FAQ Follow Up: Hey now, I’ve seen them mention the Force in the commercials!

FAQ Answer: They have! There are non-Jedi individuals who believe in the Force like a religion.  They do not have Jedi powers.  Chirrut Imwe, the guy with the staff, is one of those people.

FAQ Follow Up: You haven’t mentioned Darth Vader.  He’s on the poster and everything!

FAQ Answer: Darth Vader is in the movie, but he is not expected to be on screen as much as the other characters.  He is not the main villain, that’s Krennic.

FAQ Follow Up: I saw Forest Whitaker is in the movie. Is he one of those other rebels you mentioned above?

FAQ Answer: He is in the movie! He plays Saw Gerrera.

FAQ Follow Up: Saw Gerrera? Who’s that?

FAQ Answer: Saw Gerrera is a partisan who was trained by the Jedi during the Clone Wars.  Now he uses those guerilla tactics against the Empire.  He first appeared in The Clone Wars television show.

FAQ Follow Up: Wait, do I have to watch a tv show now? And what were the Clone Wars?

FAQ Answer: Nope! Anything you need to know will be in the movie, but later you can go back and watch his origin story.  The Clone Wars took place almost 20 years earlier and began in Attack of the Clones.  Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Luke Skywalker that he and Luke’s father fought in them in A New Hope.

FAQ Follow Up:  I forgot to ask, how much screen time will R2-D2 have?

FAQ Answer: Right now, we don’t know if Artoo is in the movie, or C-3PO.  Instead, the main droid is K-2SO.

FAQ Follow Up: K-2SO? What type of droid is he?

FAQ Answer: K-2SO is a black Imperial Security Droid that Cassian Andor reprogrammed to fight for the rebels.

FAQ Follow Up: Okay, I think I got everything. Anything else?

FAQ Answer: Rogue One is rated PG-13.  So treat it as you would any PG-13 film you might be planning to take children to.

FAQ Follow Up: PG-13? It’s Star Wars!

FAQ Answer: It is Star Wars, but Rogue One was envisioned as a war movie so there will probably be a fair amount of combat related violence to consider when thinking of taking the smallest kiddos.

FAQ Follow Up:  Okay, can I find any more detailed information somewhere else if I want to?

FAQ Answer:  Sure! has a whole section dedicated to the movie!


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