Star Wars Canonical Timeline

Star Wars is an ever expanding universe of stories set in a variety of mediums, from the widely enjoyed films to the lesser known titles of Marvel Comics, and all of it matters.  The Star Wars Canonical Timeline is intended to help fans peruse the timeline adopted by and constantly added to by Lucasfilm and find information on what books, television shows, comic books, etc, that we have seen or read in chronological order.  For simplicity’s sake, the timeline is broken down into three parts, Prequel Trilogy Era, Original Trilogy Era, and Sequel Trilogy Era. In some cases, books and comic books, for example, will contain stories which hop around the timeline, like James Luceno’s Tarkin.  In situations like these, we will place the story in the era in which the majority of the story takes place.

This timeline is not comprehensive as there are some books, intended for younger readers, that we simply have not had the opportunity to read and review.  Likewise, some placement is subjective.  For an incredibly detailed and comprehensive timeline, check out the awesome Star Wars Books & Comics Timeline.  Finally, the timeline below does contain some spoilers, but only of the sort for those who have only limited themselves to the films and/or The Clone Wars.  If this means you, continue on, but be wary!

Just click on the image below for the respective era to start learning what’s out there to discovery and enjoy!